More than 10 years ago we tapped in to a passion for restoring old houses, breathing life back in, polishing, repainting… sometimes demolishing. The team starts with my Dad, he’s a general handyman with experience in carpentry. He works together with my Mom and I, who have a pretty good eye for design. We have a portfolio of properties for rent and occasionally one of our projects goes up for sale. Something is always under construction, whether its our own home or another we’re working on. Follow along with us. I blog the progress of each project on The Estate of Things, my interior design blog.

Our available rental properties are listed on the home page. In addition to long term rentals we also offer some vacation property in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Ashe County, North Carolina.

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Beaver Path

Our properties
260 N. Ashe St.
640 N. Bennett
234 Cameron Ave
180 Midland
190 Midland
318 N. Poplar
902 N. Poplar

355 N. Ashe (Mount Vernon House)
Apt 1-6

355 1/2 N. Ashe Cottage

275 N. May
230 W. Connecticut
240 W. Connecticut

435 NE Broad (Grout Cottage)
Apartment A
Apartment B

129 E. Pennsylvania (Commercial)
135 E. Pennsylvania (Commercial in same building as 129)

Beaver Lodge (Mtn house vacation rental – Ashe County)

Renovation Projects
Bungalow 404
260 N. Ashe bath
275 N. May bath
1465 W. Connecticut bath
Mt. Vernon
Guest Cottage kitchen
Grout Cottage
Midland Duplex
Connecticut Duplex

Special Projects
Master Bedroom Renovation
1465 W. Connecticut Front Door replacement